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We utilise different strategies and products to ensure that you achieve your financial goals.
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Discretionary Investment

A discretionary investment is a direct investment into the funds
used by Deton Private Wealth made at your discretion, which
remains a fully liquid investment at all times. This means that your
investment is accessible at all times and is primarily used to save
for future projects that you may need access to
(e.g. an education fund), or just
to bulk your retirement savings.

This direct investment option offers significantly lower fees which enhances returns.

Liquid Investment

can be cashed in

Investment Selection

pick a risk profiled fund

Short Term

can be used for short term funds

Low Cost

lower costs mean higher gains
Deton Private Wealth

Retirement Annuity (RA)

A Retirement Annuity, is a product designed to assist you in saving towards retirement. As this product is geared predominantly for retirement, you cannot access the capital before retirement age 55 at the earliest, but this is not a bad thing. Any contributions made  to an RA can offset tax up to a prescribed limit.

Any contributions made to an RA can offset tax up to a maximum of 27.5% of your gross earnings.

Offset Tax

tax relief on contributions

Designed for Retirement

Not liquid till age 55


No tax on underlying investment


tax benefit up to 27.5% of income
Deton Private Wealth

Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)

The tax-free savings account is an investment product that does not attract any capital gains, interest, or dividends tax. This means that whatever growth you achieve within the fund can be paid out with no tax implication. This product is especially useful for younger clients who wish to save for the longer term, e.g. children’s education etc.

You can invest up to R33 000 per year, with a maximum of R500 000 in the life of the investment.

Offset Tax

no tax on interest

Capital Gains

pay no tax on CGT


Up to R33 000 per year

Low Cost

lower costs mean higher gains

Alternative Offerings

In addition to the regular listed investment offering, there is the exciting Section 12J Venture Capital fund on offer. This fund offers the investor significant tax relief in addition to, exciting returns.
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Living Annuities

This is the preferred option as opposed to a Guaranteed Annuity (or the traditional pension annuity), whereby the investors beneficiaries retain the capital after death, as long as there is a positive balance in the investment, hence the word “living” in the name.  In addition, the income is far more flexible, giving you the option to select a draw down of between 2.5% and 17.5% of the capital value per year. This income can also be amended annually upon anniversary. This is unlike a conventional guaranteed annuity, where the income is set for life and the capital is ultimately destroyed.

Unlike other annuities, where the income is set.


income between 2.5%-17.5%


flexible investment options


Income can be changed annually


No tax on underlying investment
Deton Private Wealth

Life Assurance Products

We hold contracts with several life assurance companies, allowing us to offer the perfect life assurance products to meet a client’s needs.  The importance of life insurance varies per individual,  so forms an integral part of our Financial planning process is to assess your needs and plan accordingly.

Whole life

Life insurance


Temporary and Permanent disability cover

Dread disease

Serious illness cover

On death

Funeral cover
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